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Heart palpitations and I lose erection.

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Why am I (47yo) having heart palpitations/flutters with sex?
Jkthill 1 min

Me and my wife’s sex life had been really bad for the last two years and we are trying to build it back up.  Here’s the problem.   I am a 47yo Male of slightly overweight (but losing weight) who is active and just had a physical with all good.  We will begin with foreplay and when I go to penetrate her my heart begins to flutter like crazy, I get really sweaty and lose my erection immediately.  She will try and get the erection back but it won’t come back.  What is wrong with me??  I have read up on sexual performance anxiety and am not sure if is that or something physical going on in my body.  I can masturbate with no issues also.  Only happens as soon as she touches my penis in any way.  As soon as she does my body goes crazy.  This is a recent issue and I have never had issues with sex.  Please help!  All advice is appreciated!  
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JK, Sounds like (i`m not a doctor) u have either physical or psychological issue. Don`t be afraid  off by the shrink thing-millions go. I would see a cardiologist first to rule out a heart condition. You "could" have A-fib & it`s nothing to take lightly. It could lead to a heart attack or stroke. Have you had your blood sugar levels? Google A-fib & a chart of how much you should weight as a ratio to your height. This "could" be a health problem that`s putting out the fire in the bedroom. But, you have no problem masterbating. That`s yet another issue you have to work thru. It`s  not fair for  you to be satisfying yourself  & then disappointing your wife & probably have her feeling it`s her fault in bed. If your watching the type of  porn your wife would never consent to, the shrink becomes even more important. You may`ve been able to pull this off (no pun intended) when you were u were younger & weighed a lot less. If u still sincerely love your wife & want to keep her with you, you`ve got some work in front of you. Right in front of you.
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