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Help me to get over it!

how should i regain my lost health wich i lost due to over mastrbation??
how to be fit again?

This discussion is related to How to recover what ever i lost my health by Masterbation.
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How could you possibly have lost health due to masturbation?  I don't understand what you lost health-wise to answer your question.
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Well, I think that you must be talking about having a normal sex life?  This is an easy one.  Cut back on the masturbation.  If it is hindering your life in some way, then it is something you can eliminate or control and not have it be your sole sexual release.  Do you feel you have a sexual addiction?
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Masterbation has no health effects.
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Masturbation to the point of sexual exhaustion does cause brain changes.  I didn't know that until reading it so often on this forum - young men come on here and say they've lost their sexual abilities and physical strength due to excessive masturbation.

If you google androgens and masturbation,  you'll find clinical studies that excessive masturbation causes reduction in androgen uptake receptors and other receptors in the brain.  You might want to spend some time researching it - I don't know how long (or if ever) the receptors go back to normal.

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