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How can I stop my vaginal/clitoral itching?

I recently started shaving. I've been shaving on and off for about 4 months. When I first did it I had the average bumps and irritation. I also became sexually active as well. I've had sex one time, a condom was used, I was irritated for a time afterwards because my boyfriend was really hardcore on fingering my clit. The irritation went away. I also masturbate. I get very itchy in my clitorial region and my hairline on my lips. After wearing underware for about 4 hours the itch becomes nagging. When I give in and scratch the vaginal lips bleed. To take away the itch from my clit I massage it, usually until orgasiming. I try to wash it with a washcloth and a soft soap, i usually put vasiline or babypowder on it to keep it comfortable. While vaginally masturbating the last few times I can feel irritation with the hair around my lips (close to the vagina) which is where the bleeding occurs when itching. I'm guessing that they are some form of scab over a few ingrown hairs. How can I stop irritation and get rid of it? Im afraid to shave it for fear it will make the area worse. I have not had any oral or vaginal sex with any partners in the last three months. I do masturbate with a toy and my hand. My hands and toys are cleaned before i masturbate, but sometimes I am a bit rough. I do use a scented soap, but it has never been a problem. Shaving has not affected me until now. The top of my cooch isnt affected at all. I also get a lot of white discharge in my underware, more of the buildup around the clit that piles and sticks to my underware. I get what looks like *** coming out of my vagina the morning after i masturbate. I also sometimes have like a clear jelly that sticks to the tolit paper when i wipe. I think that's normal. But the collecting of the white build up never happened in my underware until i started shaving. Im assuming its because it doesnt have hair to stick to. Any suggestions would be very helpful and appreciated. Thanks
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you need to try using a mild shower gel maybe dove, and as far as masterbating that shouldn't effect your discharge unless you are having wet dreams about orgasming then that may be the cause of it, but also try using COLD water when you shave it helps keep me smooth when I shave. and I shave all mine but never have irritation unless i let it grow back which i never do, hope this helps
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I have a similar problem but without shaving. Whatmaybe causing it?
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This is happening to me and I'm 15.  I just shaved it today in the morning and it's really itchy. All I did was apply my aveeno skin relief lotion around the lips of my vagina and that solved my itching.my cousins use baby powder
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