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How do I get hubby to go for longer?

What can I use, I would prefer natural supplements to help boost his performance??

My husband and I have a great sex life but some times he looses his erection... :-(
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I read your other post so I just want to know how many times a day you are having sex?  Sometimes if you are having sex more than once a day they loss the ability to hold an erection.  
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We have sex 3 - 4 times a week... he works away alot...
But thats the thing its not that we have sex daily and somedays his penis come up to play and some days he just won't stay up I enjoy forplay as much as the next girl, but I *** faster and better when he is inside me!

thats why I ask, how can I make my man last longer. we have tried viagra but that is a bit too long for him
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You did not say how old your husband is and if he has talked to his doctor about his losing his erection.

It could be the early stages of erectile disfunction (ED). When I was in my mid-50s I began experiencing a similar problem and a friend said he had the same problem when he was in his mid-40s. In both of our cases the doctors diagnosed low testosterone levels and gave us a shot about every 6-8 months which boosted our sexual performance.

Your hubby should get a complete physical exam and make sure there are no medical problems.

Good Luck,
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He is 30 TroyTroy... and also he is a recovering addict...

getting him to do that is as possible for men to start getting their periods and having babies!!!

But I will try.
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