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How i make her squirt

I want to make her squirts more and more
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Not every woman squirts. Your woman might not. It doesn't take anything away from you if she doesn't.

Don't take sexual lessons from porn, if that's where you're getting this idea. Just focus on being an attentive partner. Ask her what she likes, and if that's also something you like, do that. Foreplay is an excellent thing, but again, don't look to porn to show you how to do this. Porn is fake, and women in porn are faking their orgasms.

Every woman is different, and what they'll like is different. The best way to give your partner great sex is to communicate and pay attention to what she likes. Forget about squirting. Women can have amazing orgasms without it.

I'm sure this isn't the answer you wanted, but it's probably the answer you needed. :)
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Great advice (as usual!) auntiejessi! I agree - it may not be possible for every woman to do that. Some may not even want to, and some who can, find it embarrassing or too messy. Altho most guys like the idea, so I understand the desire...

I do want to add something of interest, tho - I came across some information about a relatively new type of sex toy for women that uses pulsed air pressure, rather than vibration, applied directly to the Clitoris. Women have said it feels somewhat similar to oral stimulation & some said they orgasmed pretty quickly from it & squirted for the first time ever when using it. I won't name brands here (probably not appropriate), but there are at least 2 different brands I'm aware of that make this type of stimulator. So for women who want to experience that, this might be something worth looking into.

Having said that, if you're not able to 'get her there' via oral, manual and/or g-spot stimulation, one of these devices might do the trick. I know a guy would like to think he could do it 'on his own' (without help from a device!), but sometimes it may just not be possible, so why not consider incorporating one of these devices into your lovemaking, if she's open to the idea? I think you'd still 'get credit' for your efforts!
I can absolutely say we'd rather have devices than a guy touching us like they do in porn. :)

And yes, if you want to give us great sex that much, you'd get credit.
HA !! Thx, auntiejessi! I’m glad to know I was at least in the ballpark with that advice! I do kniw that most Porn stuff is not realistic at all & ppl get in trouble when they start thinking they need to replicate what they see there...
You're always in the ballpark, or hitting it out of the park. :) You give great advice.
Oh wow - thx, auntiejessi! Really appreciate that! I do try to add smthg to this forum, I'll basically offer my opinion on topics I know a lot about, but if it's smthg just based on a hunch, I'll say so. I would never pass myself off as an expert on a wide variety of topics, but always hope my advice is of some help...

Likewise, I think your advice has been excellent, very insightful in terms of the psychological as well as medical aspects. Maybe I asked you this already, but it seems like you may have some background in actual medical training - if so, that's a great asset for this forum. I don't have any formal medical training myself, just a fair amount of knowledge I've picked up thru reading & researching topics that interest me.  

I really love this forum, always interesting reading & I enjoy seeing what others' advice has been - I find often someone has some insight or an angle I hadn't thought of.
I've worked in the STD field for a long time. I don't think you need to have formal training - I think a willingness to even talk about sex is all that really matters. The rest comes with experience and reading.

I agree - this is a great forum. :)
Cool - thx!
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I’m not sure, don’t believe everything you see when watching porn. It just my personal opinion that the “squirting” is actually her peeing. I’ve never tried it myself, but it seems really messy too.
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