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How long can diseases/STDs live outside the body?

(Sorry I posted this just before but I think I posted it in the wrong section)
Okay, I know this is probably far-fetched because, as suggested by my name, I know I can be a bit of a hypocondriac but I just need someone to put my mind at ease here I guess. My stepdad has a terrible habit of not washing his hands after using the toilet or using the toilet in a half-asleep state and I always worry about germs when using the bathroom after him. I have no idea if he has an STD, but being the worry wort I am I worry about that too just incase when it comes to bathroom germs. Anyway, he used the bathroom and then about an hour later I had to go and when I got to the door it looked as though there was something on it, not sure if it was wet or not, it looked like it might've been, or might've been something that was wet and was beginning to dry. Either way, I pulled down my jacket sleeve and opened the door handle with it. Now my question is, if I were to later touch my jacket sleeve that had the door handle germs and then touch other things or use the bathroom again, am I at risk of catching anything if whatever was on the door was urine or some other germy substance? Again, I know how odd this question probably is but I just need someone to calm my neurosis because I'm constantly worrying about how long things such as STD's live outside the body and I'm yet to get a proper answer. Some say seconds some say hours, some say if a substance is still wet there could be bacteria still living inside. Can anyone give me an answer please?
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You need to ask std questions in the std forum, but remember, they are called SEXUALLY transmitted diseases for a reason.  
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Sorry I'm only new to this forum so I'm still not sure of the layout/sections/buttons to click. Thanks!
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