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How to avoid lesbian partner

Hi, I have a girlfriend. The problem is she is often approached by her cousin who is a lesbian. My girlfriend was once a lesbian. engaged with her but she doesn't want to continue anymore. But her cousin is approaching her often. How to keep her cousin away from my girlfriend. We both are worried regarding this issue. she is interested in licking my GF vagina and pleasuring her. My GF is finding hard to avoid her. This is affecting our relationship. Please find us a way to avoid this lesbian relationship.
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How about your gf say to her, "Thank you, but I'm not interested in you sexually in any way, and please stop asking. If you can't respect my wishes, I'm afraid I won't be able to include you in my life." It's your gf's job to say this, not yours. This is your gf's problem to deal with, as it's her family member. It's probably also better if your gf confront her, and not you, as a male.

Why is this affecting your relationship? Set the boundary, and stick to it. Even if it's family - maybe even especially because it's family - your gf needs to be polite but firm, and stick to the boundary set.
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And you seem really focused on the whole lesbian part of this, but this would be the same if it were a male. Boundaries need to be set, and held. Ignore the lesbian part, and just treat it as anyone not listening to your wishes.
Yeah.. Actually she is trying to stop her, but her cousin is very curious in the relationship. We are finding it difficult to stop her cousin. How to change her mind. Her cousin in just 14 yrs old. How to keep her aside from sexual thoughts?
At 14, it has to be illegal for anyone to be with her sexually. If it's not illegal where you are, it's certainly not a good idea.

So it's the thoughts you're having that are problematic? Remind yourself that she is a child. You are an adult. Tell the child no, and that it's illegal.

If you are from India as your name suggests, the age of consent there is 18. This means she can not consent to sexual activity. If you are over 18, or your fiancee is, if you have any sexual activity with her, it could result in criminal charges. That should be enough to remove this from your thoughts.

Don't be alone with the cousin. Don't have her alone in your house. This isn't really that difficult. She's a child, and you'd be violating a child if anything happened. Tell her that.
Just want to reinforce what auntiejessi has said here - this is very sound advice. Right on the money, auntiejessi!
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