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Husband ejaculates 10 times a session

On average my husband will ejaculate about 5-6 times in one lovemaking session but it is not unusual that he can ejaculate and recuperate with little to no pause up to 10 times in one session.  A concern is that the ejaculation is very frequent with it resulting in 5 minute bursts of coitus before having to start again.  We aren't really sure if it is the pace, the position/s or the mental state or all combined that is making him climax so quickly.  Any information about the causes and possible solutions would be of value.

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Fuuny, I am just talking to my female friend about this same issue with her boyfriend. He does it 4 times in one session. If your man is ok with this, more power to him I say.
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Ya - lucky guy! good for him!
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Dang!!!  Wish my guy could go like that!!
Anymore-- it's once-- and we are done for the day ( or night).....

Don't wish it away, it could always be worse!
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Is this making it difficult for you to have an orgasm?
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I find that are specific positions do make my guy go quicker which I admit that when i am tired or just done i make sure we get in one of those positions so he gets done.  I would assume that you two change positions so he could just have an elevated drive.  I would suppose the constant restarting is keeping you from getting yours as often.  There are so many elements to test.

Has he always done this?
Is it how wet you are? Does it happen more with extreme or moderate wetness?
Are you in any position more than most?
Is being stimulated in multiple ways at once?

So many questions.

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I'm curious,,is it just a few drops 10 times,, or is it a splash?
How do you word that kind of question!
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