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I Am A Transexual With a Question

I have always adapted as a girl since the age of five. I have not let it out that I felt as though I was born a girl into a boys body ! Back then ,my fear was being heavily sedated and being locked up some where !I have self medicated myself for breast growth only because fo the fear of everyone finding out that I wanted to become a girl ! I have gone from being 38-32-38 ,to a feminine 45-29-40 figure. My question to you is : Do you think that I am too old to make the total transition to being a woman ,or do you think that I should live the remaing time of my life as a Shemale? This is not a joke ,nor is it funny ,this has caused me some considerable amount of pain in mylife !
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Only you can decide how you want to live the rest of your life,I'm not a doctor so I can't give a medical opinion.All I can say is make the decision carefully there's no going back,Whatever you decide I wish you good luck and try not to live the rest of your life in emotional pain,get some counselling so you can learn to love you for who you are.Hold your head high and be proud.It shows you have strength just posting here.Best Wishes  Denise  
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Thank you very much Denise ,  It is very comforting to hear kind comments after hearing negative and very painful remarks !
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i think every person has the right to live the way they choose.. its never too late for anything even if u were 90 y old and we r only living once!! just have self confidence and think well before u act and its up to u after all!!! good luck :)  
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i just wanted to wish you luck it must be very ahrd for you to make these decisions.At the end of the day its whatever makes you happy!!We are never too old for anything.i hope you find peace and happiness in your life.xxxx
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I don't think this is an issue of shame.  Its been a long time since this was considered mental health problems.  Its not!  I strongly encourage you to talk to your doctor about this and what steps be taken.  As to age there are older folks then you that have had a good transition.  I see no reason why you wouldn't.  Check out Gender Therapist in your area.  Good luck and best wishes.
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