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I can't climax/climax doesn't feel good?

I'm female and just about to turn 21 and have never had a partner. I masturbate quite frequently and it has always been a bit finicky for me, so I tend to shake things up on occasion so I know routine isn't the problem. Sometimes it take 2 minutes, sometimes a half hour, sometimes an explosive climax, sometimes a small one, and everywhere in between, but I always climaxed and always was satisfied.

Lately it's very difficult to reach orgasm and if I do it doesn't feel satisfying in the least. I can only describe it like a fake hill on a roller coaster. There's a big, suspenseful build up, you make it to the top and think "this is it!" then, it just flattens out, leaving you disappointed. The masturbating still feels amazing and everything else is normal, but then I get to the point of "this is it!" and it just doesn't happen, or if it does, it's not what I would call a normal climax, more of a "ok, you're done" from my vagina. A sneeze is more satisfying.

It can't be normal to not feel pleasure from a climax. Is there something I can do to fix it? Is there even a problem, or am I just stressing over nothing? I've never heard of something like this happening before.
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You have described It quite well. yes it is atypical. You can stop  masturbation for a month or so. During that time, do abdominal (google for details) breathing for 10 minutes twice a day. In between if you get sexual urge take 6 or 7 breaths to calm your sexual urge. This will help you to stick to no-masturbation period of one month. If you get positive result do consult gynecologist or urologist. Other possible remedy is anal peripheral massage. It is for male, however, for this purpose you can do it.Another technique is kegel exercise. study these exercises. Google each phrase to get details. You can also look at Female deer exercise.All of these exercise you can do without a teacher. wish you best of luck.
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Are you on or were you ever on any medication or drugs either prescribed or recreational? This may be where you will find an explanation and no, what you describe here is not normal. If I can help further let me know.
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