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I end up soon like very faster

I’m 17 years old now. I get aroused easily which makes me get into orgasm very soon. My mastrubation also won’t last more than 2 minutes if I don’t prolong it. I’ve had bad experience with my gf when she was giving me a head and I came before she started. It was embarrassing tbh and she wasn’t satisfied  :( Is it something curable ? Why does it happen like that ?
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Masturbate a couple of hours before sex .
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That's one way, but there's another: You need to practice the 'start & stop' technique when masturbating. Many guys get in the habit of masturbating quickly - we have that urge to get off & we don't wanna wait for it! The problem with that is, you then kind of 'train' yourself to get off very quickly, and that may be OK when you're alone, but your partner usually won't appreciate that - it generally takes women a lot longer to warm up, get turned on & reach climax. So plan ahead when you have enough time, start stimulating yourself, but when you can tell you're getting close to orgasm/ejaculation, back off, take some deep breaths, relax for a min or 2 & then begin again. Repeat this several times, and each time you approach orgasm, again slow down or stop completely until the feeling of imminent orgasm decreases. At some point, obviously, you're going to go ahead & allow yourself to finish, but if you can learn this technique, you'll find that over time & with practice, you'll be able to hold out a lot longer. Another benefit of this is, you'll achieve a better feeling for when you're about to finish & that will help you obtain better control. Your partner will thank you! Also, when you DO finally orgasm, it will often be more intense, satisfying & almost certainly a larger ejaculation - those benefits alone will make it worth your time to learn this...
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