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ok...so like im horny and i want it all the time...i masturbate like twice a day sometimes even more...is this normal?
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There are many women who have an increased libido - and we can't all be abnormal.
Or, if we are, there are enough of us to make it sort of more normal than not.

You don't give a lot of background info, so we don't know if you have a serious relationship, your age, or anything,

My advice to you is the same advice I got - tell your special someone that you would like a little more in the bedroom, get a vibrator, and have some fun.
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well im only 21 years old..and I am in a relationship....the sex is great but its like i want it like three or four times a day..and its like when we have sex we do it like at least three times at a time...ya understand?? we have toys and they are great, but its the sex that i want. i want him in me. my boyfriend loves that im always horny and wanting sex so much. but i feel like this is not normal. or am i just thinking to much?
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You're young yet - sex is still fun and hey, it feels great!
So, yeah, you are going to want something that is fun and feels good, too.
Let's face it - it doesn't add calories, it isn't bad for you, it doesn't cost as much as drinking or smoking, it isn't illegal like drugs or some other things - so, why not?

You just might be over-thinking this thing - enjoy!
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Masterbation is no problem at all, its a way to feel good when you are alone, or you can add it in the bedroom.  I'm 42 and still enjoy it, and my partner enjoys it.  If you like the feeling, then have at it....its a very erotic thing.
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Alright, first, let me start by saying your boyfriend is a very lucky man to have you. Second, I'll tell you your simply worrying too much. At your age, I think it would be perfectly natural be thinking constantly about sex and possibly even masturbating frequently. If your partner is as good as you claim, then perhaps you should try it even more often. You might possibly just be a very easily aroused person and there is nothing wrong at all with this. So, it is safe for you to quit worrying and safe for you to get back to sex and self pleasuring. Take care.
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Search kegel exercises. Learn the exercises and do.exercises reularly.. You can kegel each other to enjoy more. Quality of orgasym will be more pleasant.
Females do not lose energy in intercourse or masurbation.  Learn different postures .Take care of your general health. Avoid porno.Enjoy your natural urge without guilt. Intense orgasam will satify you and you will need less no. of intrecourse.
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visit the above website. You will know how to get A spot, U spot, g spot and clitoris to be stimulated. Study ot the article will make you understand the the mechnism of orgasam. if your orgasm is perfect, you will not need more sex.
Also read kegel exercises. This wiill enhance the quality of orgasym.
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Well thank you...I think I have myself a great guy...I'm just worried that I might be a sex addict...I know thats probably crazy but it happens to people all the time....But everyone tells me the same thing you told me...thats this is perfectly normal and not to worry...but ya know girls...we all worry about one thing or another..lol...well thanks again...
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Thanks for your information...I appreciate it...
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