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I'm confused.

Alright, so I'm about 19 years old, I'm going to turn 20 in March. I have a problem that I've been shrugging off for a while, but ever since I've become involved with someone and will soon become sexual active with them, I've been very ...self-aware of my body. I've been losing the weight that I should have shedded off ages ago, and I've been changing my eating habits.

For a virgin, I know quite a lot about sex and the way my body works along with my partner's. I've always gotten aroused and interested in sex...we've all had those moments, but the thing that frightens me the most? I've masturbated, but I've never actually '***'. Never. Whenever I feel close? I end up urinating. It's not to be mistaken for female ejaculation, it is most certain urine.

I've tried everything. Gone for long periods of time and teased myself, tried setting the mood right... what if I get together with my Significant Other and I end up not being able to ***? Or orgasm?

I've always thought that if I take my time, it would happen eventually. If I was patient with my body, it would click some day and my body and mind would ignore that need to urinate and I'd eventually ***.

But I'm 19 years old, venturing on 20 and nothing has happened so far...
I would really love some help.

I'm frightened and confused.
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I would recommend talking to your gynecologist about this. There are women that do "squirt" during an orgasm. But, you say this is urine and you are not having an orgasm. Maybe some of the other members here can give you an idea about what's going on. I'm just really not sure.
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I have the same problem. I can't *** at all. I've only camed like 10 times my whole entire life. Which might sound like alot, but to me not. Especially after masterbating when i was younger & now having sex with my boyfriend for 3 years! I've only came with him like 4 or 5 times. Now he thinks he doesnt pleasure me, but i do get pleasured. We have great sex !
When i ride him , i have the same problem as you like when you feel like your about to , but you urinate instead. I've accidently done that with him which is not embarassing as before,.but still is. He thinks is discusting if were not too into it. It ***** though cus i would love to *** again :/
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Hi S, So your having a small problem reaching your goal , orgazm, so what I surggest you do is google dodson and ross, now DR Betty Dodson her aim in like, she take life one orgasm at a time, she does life class's on how to masturbate and orgasm, I think you willfind all your answers in this one place, if you cant find one you can post on there.
Good Lucl
PS you will find some great art work on there.
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I realize I made a few general spelling errors within the post and I apologize for that.
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