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Is Calvin Klein lotion harmful?

Well I am 17 years old and I sometime masturbate,it's been awhile since I did it,so I search up different ways to do it,and I found a idea on my own instead looking it up,I have tried it one time and it felt good in away and I did tried to avoid the hole of the penis incase,so I wanted to know if it's safe for that to go on my penis?
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Please invest in a product intended for use on the genitals - specifically, personal lube.  Using scented products, or products intended for other areas of the body, on your genitals isn't a good idea and can result in a rash, irritation, or infection.  The store aisle where they sell condoms is a good place to find appropriate lube.
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Throwing in my 2 cents worth - at 17 he may not feel comfortable buying a lube specially for sexual use, but there are unscented body or hand lotions that are pretty mild & would be OK for this use. Prbly a good idea to avoid getting near the tip just in case...
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Lots of dudes use lotion to masturbate.  Issue would be if this has thing sin it giving it the pleasant odor but it could irritate your skin.  If you react to it, don't do it.
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