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Is It My Present From Mama Nature?

okayyy i am a 13 year old right? & my oldest sister is 16, she went to SPENCERS & bought a"toy"! NOW.... i dont have a bf & i already recieved my present from M.N like 5 months ago, but sister told me that i can use the toy, matter of fact she bought for me (FRESH & NEW!) My parents don't know either. But i was so curious, that i was dumb enough to go ahead & use it! Then a couple weeks later, a brownish substance came out of my vaginal area, i told my sister but she didn't know what is was, she said it was poo but i didn't think so!!! BUT TRUST ME WHEN I SAY, I'M COMPLETELY & TOTALLY TERRIFIED TO TELL MY PARENTS!!!!! I KNOW THAT THEY WILL KILL ME!!!! but can anyone please tell me what this is???? i got off my present like on Aug. 20 soo is it time again? PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!
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When you say you "I got off your present like on Aug. 20" do you mean you haven't used the vibrator after Aug. 20? Was the toy a vibrator? if it was did you insert it into your vagina or just use it on your clitoris to masturbate?  do you mean is it time again to use the vibrator you can use it anytime every day or as many times as you want in a day. I assume you do get your period? could the brownish stuff be from your period? if it hasn't happened again I wouldn't worry.  
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Yes, it's normal for you to be curious and even to masturbate on occasion, but not right for a 13 yr old to have a "toy".  The "brownish substance" sounds like it's just part of your period.  If you haven't been getting your period regularly for very long, it could be it's just establishing itself, trying to get on a regular cycle.  I wouldn't be too concerned about that.  But you SHOULD be talking to someone you know and trust about any questions you have about sex and your body, not posting on a site.  You definitely need to trust and talk to your mother.  No need to talk to her about the "toy" if you're afraid of getting in trouble, but you shouldn't have it.  As a mom, I know I would be heartbroken if I found out my daughter didn't trust me enough to come to me.
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hell yeah once a month!!! you two need to know way more about these things before you start messing about
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If you got off your monthly gift on August 20th, and yes people she is talking about her period that is what the gift is. Than the brownish substance you are seeing is probably blood and not poop. Since most women are on their periods from 3-7 days its almost time for yours. I don't condemn the fact that you have a "toy" at your age and that your sister gave it to you, but you are probably hurting yourself with it and it may be one of the reasons for the brown substance. Also remember that toys should always be washed after every uses, and I am not talking about passing a baby wipe on it, I'm talking about washing it good with a mild detergent and drying it and putting it in a place where it is not exposed to dirt. If you use the toys dirty and with crud from the last time you've used it, you may have an infection and need to see a doctor. Also you have not mentioned if you were sexually active, if you are you should take precautions, such as ALWAYS use a condom, teen age boys are not hygienically aware so to speak. I suggest honestly is you stop using your toy or if your having sex, stop also, and enjoying your teenage years with friends and enjoy the experiences of growing up. You have your whole life ahead of you to be sexually active. If your scared about telling your mother about a toy, can you imagine telling her about an accident that will last way more than 9 months? Not a pretty picture. You seem like a smart girl trying to seek advice, and I hope your smart enough to take it. From personal experience, I've became sexually active at the age of 15 and really didn't appreciate sex until my mid 20's, 10 years later. So there is time for that. So enjoy friends, school, the movies and parties and being a teen, don't try to grow up so quickly because there is time for everything. I do suggest that after you get your period, if the browning continues (usually it will go away after your period if its nothing serious) than you need to go see a gyno, he will prescribe antibiotics. And remember Hygiene, wash everything and don't sleep or stay the whole day with moist clothes, you can get a yeast infection which can be very difficult to get rid of, and you don't want to be around your friends or boys in school with itch down there and a foul smell.

Hope this helps you a bit.      
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