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Is it normal to get aches from orgasms?

I am male and 16 and for the last two weeks I am starting to get an ache in the area between my penis and my bum after I have orgasms. It lasts for a few minutes then goes away.

For more info I have been using an inflatable girl character toy with a vinyl vagina that always makes me orgasm a few times. For the last two months I have been using my toy everyday and it has been fine all this time. But since the last week or so I started to get an aching feeling down there after my 2nd or 3rd orgasm.

Is it normal that I am getting this ache? Will it go away after a while?
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It sounds like you may be overworking your pelvic floor muscles from the frequent intense ejaculations. I would suggest taking it easy masturbating with your doll or take breaks before you go again. Good luck!
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Good to know! I do still get the aches but not as much as before. I tried out different positions each time and that helped. Some days I only have a short time with the doll so I use it as much as I can. I usually get the aches when I rush like that so that makes sense. I'll try to take a little more time in between using it. Thank you for the tip.
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I know the feeling mine is different though. I'm a guy and have learned mental orgasms. I can orgasm for hours on and off. It is addicting. I would have never learned if I found out how powerful it is. Anyways sometimes I have so many my penis does hurt a few days
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Thank you. That makes sense. I have been trying not to use my inflatable toy as much and that has helped too.
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Do you ever masturbate not using the doll? Do you get the ache if you masturbate not using the doll?

Do you clean your toy? I'm wondering if you're getting an infection from not cleaning it.

For sure though, if it's starting to hurt, that's a sign that something is happening. Either stop doing it so many times a day, or switch your methods to see if it only happens with the doll.

If it lingers, you should see your doctor. If it happens with all methods, you won't have to mention the doll to your doctor.
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I only get the ache if I have more than one orgasm in a row. And only my toy can make that happen so I guess I only get the ache when I use my toy. I do make sure to always keep it clean.

Thank you for the tip. Maybe I am doing too much? I can try doing it less and see if it goes away.
Try that, and also maybe try changing positions. I wonder if you are in a position that is causing muscle aches.

Good luck. :) Let us know how you are.
Changing positions worked! I guess before I was in an awkward position for too long trying to be quiet with my toy late at night. The orgasms werent the problem it was the position that was causing the ache after a while.

I tried a different position (on top) and I didn't get any aches at all. It's a bit squeaky in this positioin but going slowly made it quiet. I am happy the problem was easy to fix and I can still use my toy. Yay! Thank you again!
Yay! I'm happy it worked. :)

Thanks for the update!
Good advice from both auntiejessi & dumbelldoor. I do think just overdoing it is mostly the prblm. That used to happen to me from repeated orgasms, didn’t matter how they were achieved, but giving it a rest always helped. It’s been said the prostate seems to ‘like’ a pattern  of regular activity - not too much, not too little. Long periods of abstinence can cause prblms for some guys, and too much activity in a short period can also irritate the gland…
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