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Is it safe to use coconut oil as lube?

A little medical background helps make my question seem less out there. I'm a 21 year old female with a long term boyfriend. I have bipolar 2, and I'm currently being medicated which Is causing issues . My issue is that I have a crazy high sex drive but my body can't produce enough natural lubrication so sex can be uncomfortable for both of us.
I was reading online that I can use coconut oil as lube.  I've tried silicone and water bases but I always end up with some sort of issue after. They also don't taste too great. I'm in a monogomous,  long term relationship, and I have an IUD so pregnancy isn't a fear nor are stds. So the oil ruining the condom isn't an issue. (I also have a latex allergy)
coconut oil is an anti bacterial (My tattoo artist reccomends it for new tattoos) and anti fungal (no maybe a less chance of a yeast infection)  so is it safe to use as lube? I use coconut oil to shave because my skin is super sensitive and it doesn't bother me or my boyfriend.
I just don't want to put something in there that doesn't belong.  I have the Trader Joe's extra virgin coconut oil that only has coconut in it m.
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