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Is masterbation good when done more frequently than on a daily basis? Should i stop?

Im currently 18 years old and i've been masterbating since i was 16 years old ,ive had a girl friend but we never got to anything like sex. The longest ive not masterbated would be a month tops when i had my exams half a year ago. I did it twice or once a day before. Now im in med school and on my way to be a doctor and stuff. But now ive started to masterbate around 6 times a day at different times of the day. Especially when im in bed to sleep i watch porn and masterbate successively for atleast 5 times varingly. I feel really sinful each time but end up doing it again just a few minutes later. I just did it 5 times in a row now and wanted help. Is this healthy? Normal? Wrong? What should i do?
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Frankly speaking it is most unhealthy thing you are doing. Porno and masturbation will your life completely within a short period. Your will power will not help you to stop this habit. If you practice deep breathing or abdominal breathing for 15 minutes twice a day , you may be able to control the urge to see porno and masturbate. Google deep breathing and abdominal breathing. you can learn other breathing methods to control your breathing. Control on breath is control on your sexual urge. Try it and improve your life.
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