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Is there chance of pregnancy

There is something im worried about. I mastrubated and most of the cum ended up in my undergarment and trousers. Immediately i used wet hankies to clean up. However, my front part of the trousers was wet and probably because of the wet hankies, which dried after a few hours. Around 2 hours after masturbation and the clean up my mom went to toilet and cleaned herself up. I am worried if there was surviving sperm in my trousers (which were wet for some hours after cleaning them up with wet hankies) did I manage to transfer it through my hand to something like the TV controller and then to my mother's hand (btw I haven't asked but she didn't say anything about being wet) which she used to take the toilet paper and clean herself up?
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In a word. No. No chance of pregnancy if it was this easy to get someone pregnant we wouldn’t be messing around with IVF treatment. We would just simply be passing around “TV controllers”.

Sorry if I came across mean. I just want you to stop with any what if etc etc. no pregnancy risk at all.
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To get pregnant, sperm needs to get into the vagina and travel up to meet the egg to fertilize it. This won't happen without actual sex, or a process like IVF.

By the time sperm is exposed to air, the wet hankies, time, water, etc., nothing would have survived on your hand to transfer to anything.

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