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Issues unrolling a condom


I have some issues putting on a condom. I'm using Durex Jeans (56mm wide) and they "just" fit confortably.
However as per standard condom usage practice, it is told to unroll the condom completely down to the base.

What I always end up with is a condom unrolled nicely until about 2cm from the base, and then to unroll it really completely, I have to use my nails in order to undo the last few "turns" (?) of the part still rolled of the condom.

I know this is no good practice however I have the feeling that if I don't unroll it down to the base it may slip during sex. For what is worth I tried 52mm wide Durex's and I couldn't manage to put them on ...

Still, no matter how much I slide my hand down, the last few cm just refuse to unroll. The only solution is to use my fingers / nails to pull it down (rather than unroll).

Anybody has any reccomendations?
Thank you very much i advance.
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