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Lasting Longer

My boyfriend and I have been dating over a year and a half. Every time we have sex it doesn't last very long. I was wondering if anybody has any suggestions what I could do differently or what he could do?
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Hi Kitty, There is a simple exercise called edging, to find this just google pegym, on there yopu will find it under exercises, may take a couple of weeks for it to kick in, its not a quick fix.
Once he gets it working he needs to stay with it, but I think he will just need to do it once a week then.
Good Luck
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Kegels can help increase his stamina.  He should repeatedly flex the muscles you would use to stop peeing mid-stream.  I've heard 3 sets of 30 per day is a good number.  You can do them as well to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles (and they're supposed to increase orgasm strength, although I don't know if that's been studied).  

I'm guessing the technique nohard is talking about is that whenever he gets close, he warns you and you pause in your sex for a while until he gets farther from the edge, and then repeat.  It helps if you're on top where you can control things a bit easier, and it requires him to know when he's close to cumming.  You can practice this technique with handjobs or blowjobs as well, and if he can discipline himself to it, while he masturbates.
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Hi A, Dont surppose another answer, do as I asked them to do, go look at how its done, see its that simple, how can somebody who is here to answer questions do what you do, if you do some research, you will find out, then you dont suppose.
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It was a reasonable supposition to make, especially since the technique I described is recommended for learning to last longer.  They were done no harm by my suggestion.  You could take the time to write out the technique you were referring to rather than tell people to go to that absurd and poorly organized website.

And please use some more periods in your writing.  It's hard to tell what you even want to say past the first few clauses.
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Hi A, Then you have never been there have you, its all as plaine as the nose on your face, but you dont want to look there as covers things your so agaist.
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I'm a sex rookie so take this with a grain of salt but after only lasting about 30 seconds my first time, I switched from a regular trojan condom to a trojan "extended pleasure" condom, and the next time around I not only lasted to the point we were both exhausted, I couldn't even finish until I switched back to a regular condom again.

I also read about the kegel exercise that these guys are talking about, and did that for a week, but I'm thinking it was mostly the condom that made the difference so quickly.  Of course, it lessens the stimulation on the inside of it, so not quite as good of a feeling for me, but it sure was effective.
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