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Loss of morning erections?

I have Hashimoto's Disease/hypothyroidism and I initially thought my levels were really low. Results came back with a slightly high TSH, slightly high T4, and a low-normal T3.

Right now I've been having weird symptoms for a week and a half. They acutely began after waking up one morning and before then I was perfect.

The symptoms are:
- morning anxiety
- no morning wood/penis feels shriveled like I have really high blood pressure
- yawning throughout the day despite having 8-9 hours of sleep nightly...without interruption
- anxiety during the day too, some nervousness
- slightly withdrawn and not wanting to talk to people
- dry skin despite drinking plenty of water
- peeing a lot, more than I should even though I'm drinking a lot of water
- demotivated
- visual disturbances such as tunnel vision sometimes
- brain fog
- eyes feel bulging and a little hollowed out underneath

These are crossover symptoms of hypo and hyper, but my doctor tries to insist I'm not having major thyroid issues at the moment.

My libido is suffering hard. Spontaneous erections aren't even really there. When I'm with my girlfriend they are much more easy. I am able to orgasm and ejaculate still (with slightly more work than normal, however). But I almost feel like my testosterone is low. Doctor didn't even want to get testosterone bloods because she just shrugged it off and said "I'm too young to have a test issue."

Anyway to fix this? If its not thyroid am I have cortisol and adrenal issues? I wasn't even stressed when this began though, but these symptoms are making me stressed. Everything is going right in my life but the symptoms are making me hard to deal with anything now.
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I;m a 22 year old male of an athletic build if that matters
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Any family members of yours,  is having hypothyroidism? If yes, consult another doctor, specially an endcraniologist who is dealing with thyroid  problem.Also post your question in thyroid community.
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