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My boyfriend masturbates every night(or almost)

Hi. I am a beautiful 40 year old woman with a size 2/4 body that is very toned. My boyfriend, that I live with, and I are pretty sexual. I believe I am bi sexual given the opportunity. Well, I love to look at a naked womans body anyway and would love to touch and fondle and suck. We are very beautiful creatures. My boyfriend and I exchange pictures of women and sometimes look at them together. We have toys that we love to use and a little pain is nothing bad. Nowhere near BDSM though.  So here is the problem....
Every night or very close to it, except on the weeekends we actually have sex, I wake to him masturbating. Most often I get up and leave the room. When he comes out into the living room he asks me why I left. He claims he doesn't get himself off. Although he did tell me he got himself off while thinking about me the first night we went out. Anyhow, we have sex most of the time only on the weekends. I would prefer it every night. I have told him I would like our relationship of 8 months now to be open and honest and if he needs to *** all over me everynight, at least let me watch.
I agree with others on this site that most men have to fantasize about something. I just don't understand this. It is making me feel like I am not good enough or even badly about myself.
Please, can someone help me to understand this. I have tried to talk to him about this in not so many words but have gotten nowhere.
i have told him
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I am just gonna take a shot.. I may be way off but here it goes..

You have told your boyfriend that you believe you are bi sexual.. You and your boyfriend enjoy looking at pictures of naked women and are pretty explicit about what you would like to do to a woman (touch, fondle and suck) Men are very imaginative creatures. (As I am sure you know) I imagine that he is having sexual fantasies of you and him and another woman engaging in sexual activities. And you say that you wake up to your boyfriend masturbating.. he is most likely having sexual dreams and wakes up to "morning wood" and takes care of himself. I don't think he is trying to hurt you at all.. Everything you do (sexually) is mutual. I don't know too many women who would be okay with opening a door to a potential 3 some with another woman... But hey, there is nothing wrong with that. I think that you may potentially confuse him with your feelings of not feeling good enough or feeling bad about yourself as I am sure that is NOT what he wants!
If you'd rather that he is more open about masturbation in front of you.. You should make this clear to him, as well as the desire to have sex every night.. or maybe every other night.

Good luck dear
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Well have you tried just getting on him when he is doing it?  Seems the obvious thing.  You say you want it every night, just mount him and help him finish the job that he claims he is unable to do!
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