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My son is 16 years old, he is now stating that he thinks he is bi-sexual

Is it possible from the verbal abuse he gets from his younger brother who is 15 but is very popular and has admitted to me that he is sexually active,  Is it possible that my son is just very confused, i will love him either way, man i need some advice on how to handle this one.
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i'm sure you are worried and love your son very much. at this age he may be confused. the important thing is that your there for him no matter what. take care. Remar
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At sixteen I am sure he is struggling with his sexuality. Generally by that age however, most kids know but are afraid to admit they are attracted to the same sex. Your being supportive and accepting of whatever your sons life turns out to be is the most important thing in the world to him.
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If he says he "thinks he might" be, then most likely he *knows* that he is, and is scared to tell you the truth.  Sounds like he knows that you would disapprove.  
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