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I'm 8 weeks pregnant and have been to the Dr about this but he doesn't seem to want to do anything for me. I have a yeast infection and used this Canestan cream and some antibiotics he had told me to get. The day after I started using them my arse starts to get sore and I have to sit on a pillow. The next day its so sore I sit on two and then later that night its so bad I can't stand any position at all to be in! It looks like puffy bumps and very red. It seems to burn, sting and be just plain sore all at the same time. I really need something to just numb the pain at least. Any suggestions?
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If you have a yeast infection the last thing you need to be taking are antibiotics. They can actually cause a yest infection. I don't know what in the world your Dr was thinking prescribing them to you.
You might want to see another Dr to find out what you can use safely to cure the infection. There are over the counter meds but I'm not sure what you can use while your pregnant.
We do have a pregnancy forum here at Medhelp so you might want to post your question there too.  
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Call the doctor again and see what you need to do - he is ethically and legally bound to help so don't be shy about telling him or think he "doesn't seem to want to do anything".
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