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I am 27 yrs old and been married for 4 and half yrs, I have been having problems with having libido.  Ever since I started taking birth control pills I lost my libido.  I actually stopped taking the pills like 2 yrs ago, and I feel like I have libido during the day then at night. Not sure if it was the birth control pills or hormone level change. When I have intercourse my vagina gets really dry and it gets uncomfortable that I just would not even want to have intercourse anymore.  After sex I just feel more frustration and mad because I just dont have the libido anymore like I used to.  Should I take libido pills? I think probably because I feel exhaustion and tired because I work full time.  Please let me know if you had this problem and what you did to fix the problem.  I am sure there are a lot of ladies out there that have my problem, I feel like I lost interest for sex.  Please help!!
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For the dryness I would try some lubrication. Also you may very well be exhausted from work and therefore have no sex drive. I know that personally if I've had a long day at work I have no interest in sex, I'd prefer to just cuddle and go to sleep. Do you notice a difference on the days that you aren't working or experiencing a stressful day?
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Hi SquirreliciiousAngel,

Thanks for the response, I do use lubrication but it doesnt increase my libido, I just feel numb down there at times.  But yeah when I dont go to work I feel better in libido, maybe not that much.  I also sleep late on days that im off so i dont really let my body rest well.  Well give me more information on this, also, my hubby doesnt really forplay that much maybe that could be the issue also.  Let me know what you did to fix your issue.  Thank you!
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