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No libido, no period,

I am 20 years old. My husband and I have been together for a total of 4 years and I for the last 6 weeks I have had zero desire for sex or him. I hate to say this but I am almost repulsed at the thought of sex and I do not want him touching me in the slightest way. My period is 21 days late (day 60 of my cycle) and I have no symptoms of impending menstruation besides the fact my tummy seems...not bloated really...but bloated is the best description I can think of. Last week my nipples were tender and my breasts hurt a little but nothing like before I'm supposed to start. That lasted about 2 days and quit. I had some light brown discharge on June 10-13. On the 12 of June I had an episode of bright red bleeding. It didn't soak through my undies and was just once. It didn't last all day. I literally just felt it and went to the bathroom immediately, cleaned up and that was it. It didn't have tissue or anything, it was just blood. Pretty bright. Slight cramping once or twice in the 10-13. We had unprotected sex maybe a week or two before my last period on May 15 but not since then.

Does anyone think any of these symptoms connect, or any ideas what's going on with the libido or the bleeding or anything...I haven't seen an OBGYN yet because of all of the health insurance change.
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Have you taken a pregnancy test?  They are not expensive, and you would know in the morning if that is what is going on.  A lot of women describe being turned off by their husbands when pregnant.
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Took a test...it was negative. Still wondering what's up.
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