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Not sure what this is on shaft? Doubt std but curious?

Recently I have noticed something(s) to appear on my shaft. I have been with the same partner for almost a year now and we have only been with each other. When I was younger (before I had sex), I had a "sebaceous cyst" (I think?) removed from my shaft on the foreskin under the head area. I also had a random skin growth appear near the base of my shaft (very little, again, before I ever had sex. not std related). Having being with the same partner and I workout 3-5x a week and am in overall good health so I doubt this is std related. (not saying working out combats an std) I'm guessing its another possible "sebaceous cyst" (being its in the same place as the last one - SECOND/THIRD PICTURE) or maybe an infected hair thing I got from shaving? That has happened before...I also thought a possible syphilis chancre but there is no indention/doesnt really look like one from what ive seen...it first started as a little pimple that popped with a little pus (like the ones on shaft that are harmless) and is slightly scabbing over. no pain. (FIRST PICTURE)

I have no pain while urinating either, ejaculate with no pain etc no burning sensation. I can still get plenty hard. I am just curious as to what this may be... maybe I've just been unlucky my life with the appearance of my penis lol I feel I'm just really stressing myself out over something that may not even be there so to say.





last pic is one of a papule or w/e they are called...those harmless things on your shaft. wanted to give a picture for an example/comparison
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Hi can't see the Pic's but if you think it may need a Dr to look you over Please go , i would go for peace of mind before it get's any worse ,
Take care
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remove the IMG brackets and copy/paste the links and you can see the pics. I'm not 100% sure if I need a Dr to look me over because it may be similar to what I had when I was younger. I know it's not herpes because theyre not painful blisters/bursting at all.
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Hi thank's for telling me how to get pic's , i be honest they are like a tiny spot ? as you say not yet for Dr but i would keep my eye on them ,
When did they appear ?
And it's not a rash ?
May sound silly but have you been out in shorts it maybe a tiny bite from a insect ?
Please answer i'll get back to you ,
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