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Odd body function?

So I have a question in regards to fluid coming from perineum and anus. So to start this out I have always been a bit different, from hitting puberty later than most of my peers and even older brothers. Two not being able to grow facial hair easily.
But since I was 15 I have always suffered from getting moist every time I would get turned on down below. To the point that one time when I was 17 I ended up having to run to my parents crying because this moisture is dripping down my legs when I was standing up masturbating one time.
Gushing down my legs, now this has become something I've been used to over the years since I am about to turn 30 years old this year. No matter what happens, if I am sexually turned on in any way or form or even if I smell a certain smell or any type of scent that's appealing I will begin to get wet in between my legs.
This is more noticeable during masturbation it has I will gush liquid from my anus and oddly enough my perineum.
I have even tried fingering, but I ended up stopping because I ended up feeling the liquid squirt all over my fingers and it was warm and that freaked me out quite a lot.
I talked to my doctor about it, and he told me some men have more active rectum glands. And it's most likely my rectal muscles getting excited so annoying those times and just naturally making the substance that helps lubricate when you're going to the bathroom. But at this point it doesn't smell sometimes and it smells flowery and musty.

The only reason I'm asking if anyone knows what to do to maybe slow this down or should just stop it from happening so frequently. As now I can wake up in bed literally with wet spots on my pants and bed soaking the mattress.
And this will stop me from actually being sexually active because I'm embarrassed. I am still a virgin because of this, as a one time I was with someone making out and it almost went farther I ended up wetting her through my shorts and the one time I tried with the guy he freaked out when he felt me squirting.

If anyone has any advice please help at this point I'm desperate.
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So it is possible that some people do this -

(These are definitely NSFW, in case there was any question lol.)



There isn't a lot on it because apparently people don't like talking about it.

In any case, since you produce so much, it would be worth checking in with another doctor - a urologist or even a proctologist, who treats rectal issues. It's impacting your life in some important ways, so it's worth checking out.

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