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I'm 15 . I had protected sex with my boyfriend about 4 days ago.
I was a virgin. Well I wouldnt say sex. He put it in a couple times and it hurt really bad. And I went home and he told me I was bleeding. I thought he popped my cherry like normal he tore me a little I believe. The next day. I was still bleeding a little not much and I hurt. So today. I have a yeast infection and didn't want to leak everywhere at school. I put a tampon In. I took it out and it hurt a little. And I started bleeding. There was no blood on the tampon just me. I CANT tell any parents. There stricked.and wouldn't understand. And my life would be over . Please help me. Asap
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There are over the counter remedies for yeast infections. Are you certain it's a yeast infection.  I understand you covering up in front of the parents about your sexual activity. However people can get yeast infections & it doesn't have to mean anything sexual.  Incorrectly wiping, called back to front is the main cause of yeast infections. Please ask your parents to take you to the doctor.  Keep posting. Thank you. Pamela
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There doesn't tend to be any bleeding with yeast infections.
Yeast infections would make you feel itchy, sore and sometimes you would have a white discharge.  

Yellow and smelly discharge would indicate a bacterial infection and an antibiotic would be required.

The bleeding is likely to be either from your hymen being broken, if he fingered you and had rough finger nails he may have caused scratching, and the other cause of bleeding after sex can be caused from getting a infection in the bladder and ureter which can happen from bacteria entering the short ureter.  Infection of the bladder is called Cystitis.  As there was no blood on the tampon, it could be coming from damaged skin or an infection in the urinary tract.

Although you can buy creams from the pharmacy without a prescription to get antifungal creams, I would advise that you get checked out by your doctor to establish the correct diagnosis so that you can receive the right treatment.

The best thing that you can do is to have an appointment and get seen by your doctor.  The doctor would be able to test your urine to see if you do have a urine infection and prescribe the correct medication for you.

In the meantime at home drink plenty of water to flush out any bacteria in the event that you do have a urinary tract infection.

Best wishes.
If you do try to have sex in the future, make sure that chap is clean - has clean and washed hands and that you both use a lubricant like KY Gel, or ensure that he has aroused you so that your body produces plenty of your natural lubricant.  If you are not well lubricated and ready, it will hurt to have sex even if you were not a virgin.

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