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Penile & testicle restraint

What are the dangers of male genital restraint, and what are the danger signs to look out for?
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Thanks for your reply, but I am referring to deliberate restraint of penis and testicles, as used in various S&M situations.  Such devices include leather straps, steel clamps and weights, etc.

I need to know whether prolonged use of such things is likely to lead to permanent damage.
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By "genital restraint" do you mean:
suppressing an erection?
or, keeping a flaccid penis pressed back against the groin?

In my opinion, no good could come from deliberately suppressing one's erection... over a prolong period... I'm thinking that erectile dysfunction would be a likely consequence.

If you mean keeping the penis held against yourself... like with skin tight briefs... years ago, I read the results of a study... when compared: men who wore boxers had a higher sperm count as opposed to men who wore briefs. The consensus being that a slightly elevated body temperature (as would occur when genitalia is held against one's body over
a lengthy period of time) lessened sperm count. So, if that's your question, I suppose sperm count and reproduction could be affected.

Hope this helps  with your question, "i"
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