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Plan B makes second period late?

My girlfriend and I had unprotected sex last month of April. She didn't take Plan B, but she took it the month before April. She got her period on the month of April. From what I've read, Plan B delays your second period for a couple of months till it gets back on track once met with a doctor and she didn't get her period this month. And, she's felt a couple of symptoms like cramps, sore breasts, and headaches but no period. I know that the Plan B is delaying her period at the moment and she's taken a pregnancy test days after the week of her missed period which results negative.

Is the reason for her second period delayed because of Plan B? Her and I are really worried and we need answers, reliable answers, and answers we can definitely trust.

Thank you so much for stopping by.
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Plan B does make women late and irregular and the time frame I've been told is 2 to 3 months. BUT and this is a big but, if you had unprotected sex a month after taking it, that has nothing to do with if she is or is not pregnant this time around.  She needs to take a test to know that.  And it has to be 2.5 weeks after you guys had sex.  Dude, get some condoms or something.  A girl should not keep taking plan B over and over because it is not good to do that.  So, you need some birth control here.
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