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Please help..... Provide best remedy.

I am 28 yrs old and have been married for 2.5 yrs. It was a love marriage . Myproblem is that i am still a virgin i.e tried noumber of times but failed. and now my husband is loosing interest and we don't even try..
Also while i don't feel any lust or sexual erges at all and as a result i don't lubricate at all. My vergina remains dry and so it pains coz it does not enter.
I am scared and wanted to do it , as i wanted to start my family soon.. Kindly help what best i can do to over come my fear of sex and pain and can satisfy my husband.
Everyday i am mentelly preparing myself foe tha same but my husband is otherway round and therefore, we land up doing nothing.
Also does it really pain very badly or i am thinking too much about this and therefore i am failing..
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I would strongly recommend that you and your husband engage in lots of gentle foreplay and slow, intimate interaction prior to any attempt at intercourse. This should help to relax you and ease much of the tension. If pain during penetration is a concern, have your husband enter slow and easy without fully penetrating you the fist few attempts... and use a lubricant to help overcome any dryness.
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Excellent advice from iam1butterfly.

You're a virgin, is your husband a virgin too?  If so, you may not have much idea what to do for foreplay, to get each other aroused.  If you do need more detailed advice/ideas, ask!
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I want to know what can i do more to give pleasure to my husband . What all kind of foreplay can i do for the same.
I try few but they are of no use for him, as he got bored of them .  
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