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Please help me out...

I'm a male and I started masturbating when I was 13 years old and I did very frequently means 3 to 4 times a day. Now I'm almost 25 and I have continuously masturbated for almost 14 years. Now I'm having a problem of premature ejaculation. Whenever I madturbate I generally come in 1 or 2 mind. This has made me very depressed. I want to stop this habit of masturbation completely. And can my premature ejaculation problem will be solved if I'll stop masturbating. Please help me.
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I agree w/ Jake - in fact, you can use masturbation as a way to learn to hold off on orgasm/ejaculation longer. As Jake says, use the start & stop technique. Start stimulating yourself, but as you get close to orgasm, stop & let yourself cool down for a min or so, then start again. Each time you get close, stop & wait a bit before resuming. You can do this several times, and then go ahead & allow yourself to ejaculate. Over time, you’ll find you can ‘train’ yourself to last longer. As a ‘plus’, your orgasm will likely be stronger & you’ll prbly ejaculate a larger volume...
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Start and stop method is an effective method for premature ejeculation.One can add male deer exercise to strengthening sexual system.
Actually I haven't did any sexual intercourse till now only while masturbating I generally ejaculate within 50sec to 1 min
It shouldn’t matter either way - most everyone continues masturbating even if in a relationship or married. So this is a perfect time for you to learn the start & stop technique. You definitely will want to last longer when with a partner. Most women need a much longer period of stimulation before they’re satisfied, so learning to extend the time before you ejaculate will be a big benefit once you’re in a relationship.

There’s a lot of information available online about the start & stop technique, so go learn more about it & put it into practice. And I think it will benefit you in your solo activities as well - when you’re able to extend things you’ll prbly have a stronger orgasm & a larger ejaculation volume & I think it will be a more satisfying experience for you...
If I stop masturbating for 1 or 2 months then can my premature ejaculation problem will be solved
No, I don’t think that will necessarily help much. Masturbation is not the problem - it’s HOW you’re doing it. Many guys get in the habit of masturbating very quickly - either they’re anxious to get right to the orgasm, or nervous about getting caught. So over time, they’ve unintentionally ‘trained’ themselves to *** very quickly. The key is to use the technique I and others have talked about. You’ll eventually train yourself to last longer. If you don’t have a partner, you need to ejaculate at least 2-3 times a week to avoid prostate congestion & possible prostatitis. Also, research is showing that frequent ejaculation may protect men from developing prostate cancer later on. No need to stop masturbating - just learn the technique...
Means I'm not saying that I will masturbating I want to say that I'm going to stop it permanently. After this can my problem of premature ejaculation will be stopped and can I enjoy normal sex life with my partner because recently I have got a girlfriend so I don't want to make things go beyond my limits. So without trying any exercise will this problem will be cured of its own and just one thing I also want to ask what is the normal ejaculation time during sexual intercourse.
NO - first, just doing nothing will not likely cure the problem - you've Unintentionally ‘trained’ yourself to ejaculate too quickly, so you need to take positive steps to change that, and the start/stop technique will help with this issue. Also, if you are not masturbating on a regular basis, then when you’re with a woman, you may be so turned-on you’ll only last a few seconds, so avoiding masturbation is likely to make your prblm worse, not better.

Second, I do not recommend ceasing all masturbation - Urologists & specialists in male sexuality believe the male body is designed to ejaculate 2-3 times a week (minimum) & that frequent ejaculation in your 20s, 30s & beyond helps clear the prostate of ‘stale’ fluids & protects against developing prostate cancer later on. Even if you have a partner now, you may only get together on weekends, so you may not be ejaculating on quite as regular a ‘schedule’. And of course, most relationships end at some point & then if you’re not taking matters into your own hands (so to speak!), you’re back to the issue of allowing ‘stale’ prostatic fluids to remain in the system too long, which can cause prostate issues. Please understand that there is nothing physically or mentally harmful about masturbation (for either males or females) & Dr’s now consider it a completely normal & even healthy activity. Use the start & stop technique while masturbating & you’ll soon see the benefits of delaying orgasm/ejaculation. It will be of great benefit to both your solo & partnered sexual activities.
Can this problem will be cured permanently
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Premature ejaculation has nothing to do with masturbation. If anything, frequent masturbation should cause the opposite effect. Although I think it's all in your head, try the stop and go method. Look it up. If you do it right, it should take a few weeks and you'll start to feel in control again.
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