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Possible kidney or Vaginal Issue

So a while ago I wasn't peeing for a while and it would sting to pee, I was prescribed one thing then it didn't really work, in fact it seemed to make it worse. I went back to the doctor and they gave me another med and said plain dove soap should also work with my sensitivity. I stopped taking my pills because I was starting to not be able to swallow the darned awful pills. So far, there is no buring sensation and I seem to feel fine vaginally,  although the bottom sides of my back have started to ache, im thinking it could be something kidney related or maybe just from lugging a 18lbs backpack around all day. And all through that, I have not been horny for a long time, it really is annoying and is making me miscible. I used to be horny like, all the time, but now its different..when I do get horny, it feels like so little. I used to always maturbate with the handle of a hair brush, I would do it pretty hard. Ok..so please please pleassse help me on this
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Are you on any regular medications like the BC pill, contraception or antidepressants? Do you use dope or any other recreational drug?
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