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Me and my girlfriend are both virgins, but we occasionally meet up at my place and do some kinky things like getting naked, making out and she gives me a handjob while i finger her. On 19th of february we did the same but this time i started fingering her and then stopped because i couldnt get her to orgasm ..and then i removed my pants and started jerking myself. I asked her to do it for me but she didnt. then i climbed on top of her (her legs were closed) and i jerked myself. then i told her my penis is completely dry of precum (i had rubbed my precum over my penis to lubricate it) and she even checked if it was dry and then started jering me off. but even she cudnt get me to climax so i got off her and knelt beside her and jerked myself while i asked her to finger herself. she waited for 30 odd seconds and tried fingering herself with her middle and ring finger but said her ***** is too dry and did not let her fingers inside (she did two strokes into her *****, one for about 5 cms deep and the other fr about 2cms). Her previous period was approximately 18 days earlier and she has a problem of irregular periods (atleast a delay of 2 days everymonth). Its exactly a week now and she still hasnt gotten her periods and she's getting worried that she  might be pregnant. But i'm pretty sure that she's not, since my penis was complete;y dry when she touched and the previous two days i had masturbated thrice daily and before we started playing with ourselves i took a **** plus while jerking with her i did not deny orgasm too. I read that precum would contain sperms left over in the path and if we take a ****, the left sperms would get ejected. She isnt showing any of the signs like nausea, vomiting, frequent urination, enlarged,nerve-filled breasts. Please help!
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She's late for her period. But you say she's been late before. I'm not sure how soon you can have her take a pregnancy test.
  Yes, a woman can get pregnant with pre come.   Pamela
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She's not pregnant. You said both of your hands were dry, first of all, sperm can't survive on dry surfaces. Secondly, it doesn't matter what anyone says, its impossible to get pregnant from fingering. The amount of sperm needed would be a lot and it would literally need to be immediately shoved deep inside her vagina near the cervix for there to be even the smallest chance of pregnancy.

What is more than likely here is that because she has irregular periods anyway on a regular basis, then she isn't late at all, she's just irregular again. I don't think you have any worries about pregnancy here. However it sounds like you are playing naked a lot so you really need to get condoms and put them on any time you're naked with her. Even if you aren't having sex, because it will protect her if you do other stuff. So get condoms and you won't have to worry. And she should get on the pill to regulate her periods. She will get regular periods if she gets on the pill and she can stop being irregular all the time.
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Thanks for the suggestion Chima7! Fortunately for us she just had a periods yesterday :)
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