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Same help

If I do not masturbate for 1 month can my problem of ejaculating within 1 min will be stopped. Or I need something else to do.
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More information would be helpful.  Apparently you are referring only to masturbation, not to intercourse as well?  Are you intact or circumcised?  Are you a young "beginner" or an older, experienced "hand"?   In either case, I would guess that abstaining for an extended period would actually speed up ejaculation rather than delay it.  If you are intact (not circumcised) and a new-to-sexual-activity youngster, rapid ejaculation is not surprising (circumcision normally requires somewhat longer stimulation).  Completely retracting the foreskin during masturbation or even for short periods during your daily routine  (i.e., direct contact with the exposed glans of hand or undershorts) should help to gradually tone down your (over?)sensitivity. There are also over-the-counter desensitizing preparations to artificially delay orgasm....though I personally would not want to recommend them.  But perhaps most important, Auntiejessi gives you two very good suggestions for delaying with either type of activity (look them up on the internet for instructions).  Good luck---just concentrate on the old Cunard Lines slogan:  GETTING THERE IS HALF THE FUN!   :-)    
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While watching porn i usually ejaculate within 1 min but while doing imagination it takes time for my penis to get erect and generally takes about 5 to 8 mins to masturbate. But when my penis is fully erect I usually come within 1 to 2 mins.
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Is there something wrong with this? You are by yourself, correct?

If you'd like to lengthen the time it takes to ejaculate, try a couple of different things - there's something called the Pause-squeeze, and start-stop, or edging.


Try relying on your imagination more than porn. Porn is nothing like real life, and sex in porn is very rarely like the sex you have with a real partner.
Can this problem be cured completely
Did you read my response?

There are things you can try to help prolong the experience. Some might work for you, others might not.

You also have a lot of responses on your other thread.

Don't worry so much about this. There are things you can do with women, like foreplay, that will help her enjoy the experience, too, even if you do ejaculate quickly.
I agree, auntiejessi. We’ve given him suggestions to help with this issue, now it’s up to him to put them into practice. If he chooses not to take our advice, that’s up to him & I don’t think there’s any more we can do to help at this point...
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