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I am 19 year-old man, i am suffering since about 4 or 5 moths from something strange, my penis became fluffy and my testes i can see that they are small, and i became so easy to be sexually excited, even by only thinking in sex, i remember that in the past i was watching pornography but i was stopping my self from masturbating even when i was very excited, i do not actually know if that was the reason for my current situation, i live in a country that has no sexologists, so i hope any one here help me indintify the reality of my current status, and if my last actions is the reason? , and also if my situation could be fixed? , and thanks in advance
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what do you mean fluffy?  Not sure I understand what you are talking about.
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I mean laxity or loose , something like that , when penis isn't excited it will be naturally loose but in my case it is so loose that it won't be  natural , on other words more loose or soft than its natural condition , and i mean by natural , the condition that i used to be in the past
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