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Sexual issue

i never had sex with any body, I started masturbation from 17 age, from that day i masturbating daily twice,  2 to 3 years back i abl to do 2 times per week now i able to do only twice a month.  now i feeling very bad what i did, i am going to  marry in 6 months as per my mother saying i am avoiding marriage because, i think i not able satisfy my wife daily, disturbed too much, some times i loose memory, no concentration on my work. & feel what peoples thinking on me. i feel bad. some time i am very silent, sad face i feel, my thinking slow compare to 3 years back how i am.  i think i should not do masturbate for at least two to three months.  & eat nutritionist food or tablet increase attraction. to increase memory i should take tablets. pls suggest sir.

my age 32 will complete on 04.02.2014
height : 5.feet 11 inches
weight : 89 kg
pls help me in this regard.
for me very important father, mother friends, sex & work,  should concentrate on work, some times i am thinking for donate kidney. but i am scared for this world. in between these health issues scaring me lot. i want concentrate, other wise difficult.  my only concern is my marriage & job. for marriage i increase samen quantity & for job i need interest on it, increase memory also.
i am fear to speak in the friends group also. because my problems in my front
i am assistant manager technical ( electrical engineer) for private company.   what can be done pls suggest to increase memory, interest inwork other sports activities. etc. sex also very imp for married life. any body can suggest. thanks in advance.
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You seem to have a problem of self esteem and getting stressed out and feeling more anxious about your situation.Consider a premarital counseling with a Doctor or a counselor to overcome such problem.There is nothing wrong with you.
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Vedadhar is right. There is nothing wrong about masturbation. Just take care of general health and keep your mind free from worries. You may do some breathing exercises.Learn pranayam and few exercises. Google male deer exercise. kegel exercise. Sat kriya. Google microcosmic orbit. Do this technique regularly. Most of us have fear of failure and this makes life difficult. Be cheerful and try to solve your problem. Take more interest in your work.Be friendly with your colleagues.Learn your trade well.Take a healthy diet. Add sprouted Seeds in breakfast or salad. Take hot/cold (alternative)shower. I am sure you will overcome all problems if you pick up something from above messages. Every body has tried to help you. Our prayers are with youl Merry Christmas.
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Hi, Mahesh, Merry Christmas. Vedadhar and Dalubaba both are absolutely right. I think it would be beneficial to know the reasons behind te problems, it will help you for the next time. However, I will recommend you to do some kegel exercise on daily basis. It will help you to cure all sex problems and it's 100% proven and natural as it's very easy to do. You will get a good result within 2 weeks by spending only 4-5 mins daily. I think you should look up http://www.kegel-exercises.org/ here, you will get a full free effective and detailed training session here. May God bless you!
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hi thanku just saw ur message  i will try to do the same
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