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Should I see my gyno?

I am nineteen years old, and this past July I started having sex with my boyfriend who I've known for +7 years. We didn't have any problems except one. I had issues with my "natural lubrication" disappearing and drying up in the middle of fooling around during foreplay. I assumed this was because I was on an antidepressant called Celexa for my anxiety. With the help of my counselor, I weened myself off and have been free of it for a few months. When we had sex afterwards and I had a problem with not being lubricated enough, I kinda just gently forced it, even though it hurt a little. I grinned and beared it, it would be fine after a few seconds during sex. Then afterwards, I would be sore between my "lady areas" and my bottom lol, the perineum. I didn't think anything of it, I just figured the outside is getting lubricated and the inside is ready to go, it's just the entrance wasn't or something, and the soreness would go away. Lately, our time for foreplay and kissing has quickened, and I'm really ready to go sometimes but it still hurts going in until after a few times. No matter how turned on my body is or isn't, it still hurts and gets sore, and lately when I go to the bathroom to pee right after (I learned my lesson last month from a UTI) I wipe and there's light pink blood from my perineum and soreness, burns when I first pee, after, there is no burning. Just soreness. I've looked it up and this has happened to others, but lots of people suggest a Yeast infection, (I have no itchiness), or an STD (my boyfriend is clean and he was my first) or some other infection that thins the skin. Should I just suggest him and I spend more time beforehand with the foreplay and such? Are we just being too rough too soon? I've seen people mention they used other lubricants, but it still doesn't work. Should I just go to my doctor? I don't want to tear something and end up in the emergency room.
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I would recommend seeing your Dr to rule out an infection and to talk about the dryness. Take time for more foreplay and get a water based lubricant. Don't use anything else like hand lotions, baby oil or anything like that because they may cause problems. I think the water based lubricant will make a huge difference for you and your boyfriend. You can buy it at any drug store.
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I agree with remar's comments that you should see your doctor to check for any bacterial or fungal infections.

There is also the risk of getting a bacterial infection called Cystitis with rampant sex and this can cause bladder infections and soreness.

With fungal infections, you do not have to experience itching.  Sometimes you do only experience soreness.  As a home remedy you can apply natural live set yogurt after washing.

Do not use soaps, shower gels or feminine sprays and only wash your clothes with non-biological detergents.  These will dry you out even more and also change the pH level of your skin.

You can buy from the pharmacist a one dose oral capsule called Fluconazole that will treat fungal infections.  Sometimes men can have fungal infections with no symptoms but can pass it on to their sexual partner.  As your boyfriend if he has any symptoms.

With you experience a lot of dryness, your hormone levels may be low and your doctor will be able to check that out by a blood test and prescribe a hormonal cream if this is required.  Always use a good lubricant for sexual activities.

Best wishes.
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You are very young to be experiencing that. Ask you doctor to do a wet mount and a Gc test on you. Avoid sexual contact until you fiqure out what is going on with you. If you must use lubicant than try an all natural lubacate like astroglide. Always use condoms.
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