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Should I test HIV? STD? HPV?

Should I test for HIV? STD? HPV?


Three months ago I went to a night club where I asked for a sex massage. The following happened between me and sex worker:

1. I kissed her breasts.
2. She gave me a body massage.
3. She masturbated me.
4. She put my penis between her breasts.
5. She kissed my testicles and my buttocks.
6. She caressed my anus with the massage oil.
7. She inserted her finger in my anus, I cannot remember if it was deeply, but I do not think it was that deep.
8. She masturbated herself for a short period of time.
9. I caressed her vagina.
10. I noticed that she had something on her anus that looked white, like a little ball.
11. We hugged each other (front), I also hugged her from behind, my penis touched her buttocks.
12. She made me ejaculate with her hand, I suppose with the same hand that she masturbated herself with. I do not know if she had any vaginal fluid in her hand when she masturbated me.

Before meeting this girl, I used to have, sometimes, injuries inside my anus after doing my needs (excrement), due to constipation. But cannot remember if I had had any injury before she fingered me.

Do you think I should test for:


Thank you so much!
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I don't think you need to be tested for HIV. Possibly for herpes though. She could have had oral herpes. I think your chances of having anything are extremely low. To ease your mind though you can get tested.
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thank you so much.
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