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Should i take the morning after pill??

I had sex for the first time and was pretty stupid and we didnt use a condom. he pulled out before he ejaculated but could i still be in the danger zone? or should i take the morning after pill. my periods due soon but what if im late? am i worrying too much...
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"Pulling Out" Is not in any way a reliable or effective method of birth control.

Yes, taking the morning after pill is a good idea. Some studies suggest it's effective up to 3-5 days after the incident but its a good idea to take it as soon as possible. You should be able to get it from your doctor or planned parenthood pretty easily.

Also not a bad idea to have it just in case this happens in the future. But start practicing some safe sex. A condom is a good, easy way to start but you might want to get on birth control yourslf just to be safe.
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I would take the morning after pill just in case!
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take that just in case, so learn your lesson now, always practice safe sex to avoid unwanted pregnancies and as well as STDs
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i would take the morning after pill inless you wanna risk having a baby you can only take it up to 72 hours after unprotected sex and the sooner you take it the more effective it is.
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I wold take the morning after pill and use this as a learning lesson. Always to use protection in the future. You can get the morning after pill at any pharmacy, but since you are under 18 I think you have to get it from your doctor or you might be able to get it at planned parenthood. It will cause a delay in your period, but it's supposed to do that. good luck.
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wow, I guess I have a completely different view. I think babies are a blessing no matter what. There is always help. If you are sure I would take it though. I would hate for you to regret your decision later on. Good luck and be careful as a baby is alot of work. If u plan on being with one man birth control is a good idea if not it still is but also use a condom because there is a slight change of it not working or getting in the heat of the moment and not using one. And not to mention the s.t.d factor. Make sure for your own safety that u are protected. Good luck It will be ok do what u feel is necessary and right for you!
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