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Side effects of chronic masterbation

I've always been of the mind that masterbation is safe and healthy as long as a significant other is not being neglected because of it. However I'm currently writing an article, and would like to make sure I'm not steering readers wrong. Litteraly hours of surfing the net has not yielded any long term side effects of chronic masterbation, aside from chaffing of the skin, which of course is not long term and would only occur with very vigorous or very chronic masterbation.

Please get back to me with any information on the effects of chronic masterbation, what would be a normal range for how many times an average male masterbates, what would be the effects of masterbating a great deal more or less, if any.

I apologize if you have answered this before, I did look at several threads on different aspects of masterbation, but nothing that answered this question directly.

Thank you,
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as far as i know its safe and a fairly good way to stay absitent. if someone masturbates heavily such as every day then when actual sex represents itself ive heard of times when the male cannot achieve an orgasm because of the difference in stimulation. but thats only in severe cases. and id say average is twice a week? ish i guess
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I love masterbation its absloutley  good as you can really  ave a gud orgasem and it will bring out ur sexuallity.
And  you here sum peolpe sayin eww i wud never do that  or ur so abnormal well you dnt no what happenin behind close doors they cud be doin masterbation as well!
Well its nuthink 2 tell peolpe about as its a normal thing and if u here peeps sayin no its not a normal thing say wel how do u no!!
Look do masterbation its good u will love it!!
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Does excessive masterbation can do anything wrong to any particular part of the body such as heart stroke, body pain, joint pain etc
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Yes, I believe there can be severe psychological issues that arise from excessive masterbation. I have found (after several years of considering why I felt very tired, depressed and overall uninterested in everything I did or used to) that the periods when I felt normal were after several days of either abstinence from masterbation (not abstinence from regular sex), or only masterbating once every other day. It appears to me that without the actually exercise of having sex, and not exercising daily otherwise, masterbation for men can be psychologically harmful. I am guessing the act of sex for men goes hand in hand with strenuous activity. I definitely recommend that before you tell men that excessive masterbation is fine, you include that they should be fit and healthy and should actually have sex regularly or exercise regularly.
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I'm  a 44 year old male that has had this problem all my life, I'm a loner and live to masturbate. I surf the web and hit porno sites then i masturbate to these images . then a hot wave runs through my mind and I mentally focus on the female basically becoming the woman in my mind then I usually hit a few gay rooms and act out the fantasy   This is so bs I am not attracted to guys but when this happens i loose control like i am being possessed any suggestions
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Where in the bible does it say that masturbation is wrong?

To the OP -

You can look at things like having a heart attack or stroke because you are so excited or been so physical but that's unlikely.

You can cause chafing if you are too rough with yourself!  As well as maybe scratching yourself.
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Hi, i've been masterbating a lot in the early days.i'm 27 now and the problem i've been facing for the last four or five years is that whenever i'm thinking of having sex or intimating a very thin and slimy liquid starts leaking from my penis and its not jst once it always there and it really makes me worried. Its not the main ejaculation but jst an oily stuff.
I've seen doctors couple of times but they said its normal like lubrication sort of stuff but i feel in myself  that there may be something wrong.
Mr S
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what about its effect on girl or women ? do it hv any bad effect on them or nothing i wish anyone who knows about this subject would tell.
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This isn't made up to spark up 'whoas' or anything so keep that in mind. I have been an extreme chronic masterbator for about 5 years now. I usually masterbate twice a day, sometimes even three(and sometimes 4-6 but that's rare). I have skipped maybe 8 days in total in the total span of the last 5 years. Whats my situation? Im 17 and started when I was 12. I'm a virgin so I'm scared sex won't stimulate me. I know I should just stop but it kills times and is an addictive habit. I'm a guy. I'm aware of the perverted implications this thread may carry but I'm here for suggestions, not mockery. Thanks.
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I believe if you take so much time to masterbate that it interferes with your daily life and you can't function in a "normal" way, than it is a problem.  I think perhaps can lead to some sort of sexual addiction.  Try seeking a therapist.
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I love to masterbate. It's not how often I bate, but that I edge (masterbating for long periods of time, getting closer to ejaculation , slow down and continue). I can and do often, edge for hours, a lot of times 3 to 6 or more hours. That is what edging is if you haven't heard of it. My problem is: several weeks ago after edging 4-6 hours a day for several days...I noticed a large swollen area on off the left side just below the glans. I saw my DR. and he said it was probably a rash. But I think it's from so much edging because the swollen area is where I don't grip my penis. Any ideas, suggestions, other causes, etc?
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Having steak is far better than hamburgers. But if there is no steak available then hey! lets have a hamburger.
Masterbation is ok when youre single because it gives you release from the sexual tensions that build up. Especially males. I can't honestly see anything wrong with it as long as it is kept private.
Boys naturally are curious about their penises and it is very important to them that every thing is in working order. When reaching puberty the hormones are racing and boys need to be told that it is not a dirty thing. When I was young I was brought up to beleive that only dirty people have sex, so naturally I always felt extremely guilty after having a wank. Because it was so enjoyable however I could not stop. It did act as a tremendous relief from stress.
I must add that in marriage too much wanking does exhaust oneself and it does affect ones appetite for sex. I try not wank unless I am really in need of it otherwise I find I'm not in the mood so often to have sex with my wife. If you snack before a good meal then you spoil your appetite, if you know what I mean.
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as far as the amount of times a person masturbate is no concern but a person who masturbates frequintly eventually get used to the feeling of his own hand and in some cases when a female touches him it has no effectr and the only thing that will bring him to an orgasm is his own hand.hope that helped you
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There have been lots of nights before my marraige when i used to spend 3-4 hours masterbating. Most of the time experienced severe pains in testicles, penis, perineum and increased frequency to urinate for about 2-3 hours after the act. I tried hard to ejaculate even if i didnt use to achieve enough stiffness most of the times. I never thought it could lead to big problem after marraige, as I very rarely get hard enough to have intercourse and even when i do causes a lot of pain and exhaustion. Never mastarbated after my marraige in last 3.5 months, still i don't think i can save it from falling apart.
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Can masterbation really make you go blind? I so how does it make you go blind?
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I have been a heavy masterbator  for two years now. I find myself addicted to it. When I first started masterbating it was the best feeling in the world, now I feel it has created health problems. Recently I have had resperitory problems, poor eyesight, and loss of muscle mass. Is there anything I can do to return back to normal?
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I have been masterbating since iam in class eight ,now i have completed my MBA and working for a very good organization in decent position.But every time i maserbate i dint feel any pain in my legs or having body pain ,iam relaxed, and iam able to double my concentration on the work.I'll masterbate for 4 to 6 times a day.But iam quite comfortable both physically and psychologically.Now iam going to be married what all my worry is , will it lead to any fertility problems.
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am so so sorry bat every day i used 2 mesterbate en by dis tym i hav asmall penis ov 4 inces.is dis being coused ov mesterbation or any other problem en i wish 2 kow weather mesterbation has any side side effect coserning wiz de siz3e on de manz penis,
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I would say that a normal man masterbates once a day or once every other day.  I have friend who is a chronic masterbater and he masterbates almost three times a day.  I have had sexual relations with him and didn't know he did this until I broke up with him.  He was terrible at getting an erection and couldn't keep it for long and then I would end up finishing him off with a hand job.  Plus his testicles and penis didn't look normal.  
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I don't want to pick a fight with anyone but the apparent lack of ability of most people in this forum to spell correctly is bringing  the reputation of MedHelp down.
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by Sugar82, Sep 03, 2009 12:55PM
Hi, i've been masterbating (masturbating) a lot in the early days.i'm 27 now and the problem i've been facing for the last four or five years is that whenever i'm thinking of having sex or intimating a very thin and slimy liquid starts leaking from my penis and its not jst once it always there and it really makes me worried. Its not the main ejaculation but jst an oily stuff.
I've seen doctors couple of times but they said its normal like lubrication sort of stuff but i feel in myself  that there may be something wrong.

Dont worry. Your doc is totally right. The thin transparent fluid that u see when stimulated is for lubrication and is natural. It is called pre-*** in slang. Both females and males show secretion of mucoid fluid slimy to touch for proper lubrication for the act of sex.
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thanks to all of the comments on this site, i have a question............. is there any possibility of loosing size from masturbating??

second question is this........... is their any silicon implants available for enlargement....... if anyone know a site or some institute for silicon implant for p**** plz do recommend
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To start this off I would like to say that I masturbate also. After researching the effects on the body of masturbation I have concluded that it can be serious if you do it almost everyday 1-5 times a day with ejaculation. To be honest, I have not experienced too many side effects that I have read about. Masturbation to pornography/ hentai can lead you to be reliant on it and may cause an addiction. Masturbation is healthy if you do it once in a while and it is recommended especially for teen because it helps you control your urge for sex and your hormones. Be aware of the side effects of doing it often as all good things can have bad consequences. Such consequences are:
1. Shrinkage of the base or all of the penis.
2. Premature ejaculation.
3. Fatigue/ Lower back pain.
4. Thinning hair/ Hair loss.
5. Soft/ Weak erection.
6. Eye floaters or fuzzy vision.
7. Groin/ Testicular pain.
8. Pain or cramp in the pelvic cavity or/ and tail bone.
The only side effects I have experienced as I recall are numbers 3, maybe 4, 5, maybe 6, and I think 7 so far. Masturbation is nothing to be afraid of. Like I said before it is natural and both men and women masturbate. The average amount of times you should be masturbating is 1-4 times a week (In my opinion). If masturbation becomes an addiction I recommend seeing a doctor (Although they don't help much) and a therapist/ psychologist. The first step to stopping is to resist. If you ever get the urge to masturbate and your trying to stop then try looking up something disgusting or hang out with a group of people/ friends. Stay away from pornography/ hentai and any other sexual or/ and suggestive pictures, videos, etc. If you are a religious person you may consider prayer. Although some religions say masturbation is a sin, I do not see how it is as it is something natural that has been done for ages. I hope I was able to answer some questions and help the people out that are like me or almost like me. Most of the information seen here is from research on the web and experience. I am not a doctor.
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Well I think I masterbate about once or twice a day and have been masterbating for nearly 2 years now. I suffer from greasy hair and it keeps getting worse and I am on the edge of washing it daily. Doctors say that greasy hair can be caused by ''hormones''. Does anyone know if this includes masterbation? Thanks.
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