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Small bumps on my pubic area but no indentation

For the last two weeks ive developed this rash like symptom on my pubic ares and around the base of my penis. They dont hurt or itch. It started with a bit of itchiness around my belly button that was red the next few days after i noticed the bumps and its continued to spread well into my pubic area. I have a new parter and have been sexually active with her but she does not have the bumps or a history of it, she has also not received any from me since i had this. I went to a dr and they said it didint look like molluscum they thought it was a heat rash from sweating, but its been a week and the bumps are still there. They said it didint look like molluscum because there was no signature dimple in the bumps. They are very small pin sized bumps, slightly raised, and maybe a little bit of redness around the actual bump but not much. There's about 100 of them  from my belly button down to where my penis starts. If its not molluscum what else could it be, I've been very fixated on this and want to have the issue resolved.
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Pubic hair follicles can become inflamed or any hairs really when subjected to continuous back and forth action. I would recommend saving the area and see if that clears it up. Now if you noticed the bumps  after shaving pubic region it may just be that the hair follicles have healed over and hairs are having to puncture the new skin. I’ve had little red bumps in pubic region pre shaving and post shaving but it sounds like you are just having a lot of sex. Kind of goes without saying but being dirty or un bathed and having a lot of sex can also cause a bunch of little red bumps.
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