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Sperm on bath sponge

Appreciate this has been asked before but I’m getting worked up over here. For context, I stopped taking the mini pill 4 weeks ago - not trying to conceive but exploring other options of birth control.
However, I used a bath sponge that my husband used before me - doubt it had sperm on it but hypothetically if he did leave sperm on it, and it then sat on the floor of the bath for over 12 hours - could I then get pregnant from it if I then used it to wash myself?
Ive not yet had a withdrawal bleed from stopping the pill and expected this to have happened by now...I’m sure the fact I’m stressed about this won’t be helping but just looking for some reassurance. I’m addressing my anxiety separately but COVID has slowed this process.  
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No, there isn't any way you'd get pregnant from this. Even if there was sperm on it - taking the worst case scenario, and assuming he had masturbated using that bath sponge, with the water, soap, and time, it would have killed any sperm remaining.

Also, you using it to wash isn't enough to propel them into yourself for the sperm to travel up to your fallopian tubes and ovaries to meet an egg, assuming you had one ready to fertilize.

If you've been on the pill for awhile, it can take a bit for your schedule to resume. You might not get a period for a couple more weeks, or you might skip this one altogether - that's normal. Adding the stress of COVID, and if you're in a lockdown area, and it might be a bit longer. I see from some of your older posts that you're in the UK - it has to be really stressful there. :(

Hang in there, and be gentle with yourself. It's been a rough year. Maybe you and hubby should use separate sponges? Get pink and blue ones if you need to so you'll know which one belongs to who. :)

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Yea it’s rough, we’ve been in lockdown since Boxing Day (26th Dec). Health type anxiety isn’t a new thing for me but thank you for your response - I sometimes need to hear it from somebody subjective to actually believe it...else the ‘what ifs...’ keep coming. Funny anxiety can make you believe you *could* be the anomaly! Thanks again, really appreciate your gentle answer :-)
Anxiety is awful. :(

If you've ever been in therapy before, I'm sure you've been given some coping techniques. It's not easy in the moment, I know, but try to remember to use them.

There's always the 5-4-3-2-1 technique - https://theblissfulmind.com/grounding-technique/

5: What are 5 things you can see?
4: What are 4 things you can touch?
3: What are 3 things you can hear?
2: What are 2 things you can smell?
1: What is 1 thing you can taste?

Say them out loud, and concentrate on your breathing. It helps. :)

Take care of you. I can't imagine being in lockdown that long. You're stronger than you realize.
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