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Stopped taking a medication and stopped feeling my orgasms? HELP!

Sorry for my English!

In my case I’ve been taking a VERY small dose of Alprazolam (Xanax in the US) for like 6-7 years.
2 months ago I decided to cut the pills off and I did it cold turkey.

In the second day (I was still with withdrawal symptoms) I masturbated and I didn’t feel anything while I was having the typical orgasm spams. I was like: what is this? it still persist.

In my case I think it's directly related to the fact that I stopped taking these pills (if not, what a coincidence...) It could be nerve damage (cold turkey), an hormonal problem...?

I will wait some more months until may chemicals are balanced again, if the orgasm sensation does not come back it will be a very boring rest of my life at 35. Please keep posting, this problem deserves more visibility in my opinion :/
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You were taking Xanax a long time.  Did you talk to your doctor at all about discontinuing it?  would check in.  You didn't take very much but you did so for a long time.  I would think that your orgasm sensation now also has some mental component to it.  
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