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Strange & embarrasing question...

My husband REALLY loves vaginal with long "lips" or as I've heard them called "flaps"... my problem is mine are very small and he wishes there was a way to stretch them... any advice or ideas?
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No! tell your husband to love what you have, and it's a man thing I love looking at woman with
Looooong lips I don't know why!!  :>)
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Wish some of the gals on this site, who are actually considering surgery because of their self-consciousness about their long vaginal lips, could hear your husband talk.  They want those little-girl clamshell vaginas they see on porn flicks.  One even signed herself "Meat Curtains" and just sounded so distressed.  I tried to tell her that if a man is in the fortunate position of being able to look a pair of vaginal lips in the eye, he is not thinking of anything besides how lucky he is, but I don't think it really helped.  Love what you've got, and your husband will be so happy with his lively sexy wife that he isn't going to give a darn.
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    Just know that you are made the way that YOU are made and that is "Good".
All woman are made different in many ways: Large breast, Small breast, Perky breast, Not so perky Breast, and so on.

    The same CAN be said about men!  Small Penis, large penis, thin Penis, crooked penis, circumcised, non-circumcised..and so on.

    With all that being said, You be Proud of who You are and how Wonderfully made You are!  As a side note...No One has the right to try and make another fel bad or have a negative complex about their body!  That is Mentally unfair and comes from one who is unkind, unloving, and probably have their own self esteem issues and have to say something about another to build themselves up!

     You need to do Nothing and please do not give it a second thought ;)  
Be proud of who you are!  
Take Care,
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body modifications such as the stretching of the vaginal lips can be like getting a tattoo, once it's done it's pretty much a long term commitment. Kind of like the fisting fetish, vaginal and anal. Once it's stretched it's stretched.
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Tell him you will get them stretched right after he gets a bigger penis! If that is really an issue for him there are much deeper problems.
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