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My boyfriend and I are starting to have sexual wants and needs. When him and myself have sex. He cums too fast. Like within 2 minutes of putting in. He says I am really tight. And really warm. It feels great. But no matter how much he masterbates.... He can never last more than 2 minutes with me. Calling me tight. He doesn't complain. But I want more... we do foreplay.... we do masterbation, we try but lube, but dildos, but everything of those levels... because of religious beliefs.... I want to be a little looser.... and him to *** more later than now. What do I do?
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Do not worry about being looser, tight is good.  
This is normal for most beginner males.  Be pleased that he desires you so much.  
Unfortunately, the tasks too often falls on the female to guide the process of your needs.  
I am glad to hear there is foreplay, you need more and he needs to get use to each level.  That is, as you progress through foreplay he needs enough time to relax his excitement and build yours, especially taking it very slow during penetration, to the point the two of you stop and wait when he gets in and then learn to stop and wait each time his excitement rises.  This is a leaned process that takes a lot of patience on your part until he figures out how to control his excitement.
Masturbation is good as well for some men who like to *** in other ways early in the foreplay, then given time to recover while stimulated his mate, he can perform better the second time.   Other men cannot do this because the time to recover is too long, so this is a leaning process of can he do it and what stimulation is needed.
If you want to chat in more detail about specific ways to handle specific situations feel free to send me a personal message.
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The advice given above is quite good.Both of you can follow this advice. Another approach will be to press rather than thrust. Thrusting create more friction and he is easily aroused to ejacualte. So he can press on you for some time and release. Thrusting means poking vigourusly.  Both of you can learn kegel exercise. He will develop his kegel mus muscles to hold his ejaculation for a long time. you will be able to compress his penis to give him more pleasure. Usually foreplaying is for arousing female and male his to keep his sexual excitement at lower level so that he does not ejaculate prematurely.
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