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Taste of female moisture and squirting

What should female glandular excretion and/or ejaculate look like and taste like? Exploring my newly discovered libido via use of clitoral pump and vibrator, I noticed that my vaginal excretions looked clear and tasted salty and sweet. Using the vibrator for g spot I squirted a lot of liquid that looked translucent when it dropped from the end of the vibratory. It tasted sweeter, Hope I'm not being too gross but I have no one to ask about this. Iam late middle aged and am discovering a side to me that is unfamiliar.I am glad this blog is helpful.
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Most women can squirt clear ,such as you.A lot never realize they can.I have noticed in most cases ,it is more familiar in women that have had children naturally.Most women are scared to let go or release as you do.That is why only 33% of women can and do.Its sad that more women don't let go,in fear of of being pee,considering that is what it feels like.I'm sure they would find it ,as a man does,really relaxing after.Its kinda like one woman told me," I feel like i am getting mine now" I'm guessing that was referring to letting go,,releasing and really feeling the satisfaction afterwards.There should be classes for it!!!!
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You are welcome to this forum. I am sure some one will answer your question.
I request you to participate in discussion in different topics of sexual health.
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