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Testicular ischemia and low libido (18 years old)

Hello everybody,
Although I am very young (18) I have been having some problems with my genitals and probably hormones. At first, I was born with congenital penile curvature, which -aesthetics aside- does not cause any functional problems (my erection is a bit downwards and my penis slightly curved to the left). At the age of 14 (and the onset of puberty) I tried to correct the curvature by placing my penis to the right whenever I slept, so I would often wake up with some mild pain in my penis and right testicle (because of the morning erections). I also did kegel's exercises randomly throughout the day to strengthen my penis.these exercises activated the cremaster muscle, especially on the right testicle, so I would occasionally feel some pressure and discomfort in my testicles. The pain on my testicle would get worse and would often feel like blood pressure was increasing inside the testicle, as if there was a knot around the spermatic cord. I felt the intermittent pain during masturbation as well. One day, I woke up and my bladder was filled so much that I was in pain. I urinated right away but noticed that my right testicle was hanging about an inch lower than the left one, when it always used to hang an inch higher, it's axis was also tilted upwards when it always used to be horizontal. It was soft,numb and felt weird, like it didn't belong to my body. Another thing I noticed was that I didn't wake up with an erection which was also unusual. The days after I never had a spontaneous erection (or any morning erections), which I did before and haven't had a proper one since. For the past year I occasionally have morning erections but I guess this is due to testosterone peaking at my age. After the incident, I also kept losing pubic hair and hair from my legs and the beard and mustache that were beginning to grow never grew. I hypothesized there was something going on with my circulation. I thought a blood clot might have blocked an artery, or the distended bladder had constricted blood flow, though I think the straightening efforts or the testicle lifting might be involved.the testicle now feels almost dead, although it used to be extremely sensitive, and the left one having always been less sensitive, doesn't seem to be up to the task to compensate for the missing testosterone. As a result I have been having hot flashes, body and facial hair loss, little libido, soft breasts, low muscle/fat ratio and depression. Now that I am an adult, I will definenently be visiting an urologist soon, but does anybody have any ideas about what I might have or if it is reversible? Thank you for reading through. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Ps; I had surgery for a mild case of hydrocele when I was 10 years old
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